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We at Durban Umbrellas love the sun just as much as you do.

Sometimes however, one longs for a place in the shade in the garden or on your patio.
Sun is for life, shade is for enjoying.

Choose from one of the following Quality Shade Solutions being the Paraflex Umbrella - Ingenua Shade Sails -the Rimbou Personal Lounger Umbrella, or one of our contemporary designer umbrella's:

Easysol Wallmount Umbrella 

 Easysol Umbrella


The DIY Easysol 2.5m hexagonal Aluminium Wallmounted Umbrella removes the need for a heavy base and a central pole on an umbrella. Attached to the wall the umbrella's rotating arms and tilting canopy allow you to create the shade where you want, independent of the sun’s position. The Easysoll wallmounted Parasol is conveniently made for private use and comes in Ecru (broken white) and Taupe only (from R2599-00)

Paraflex Wallmount Umbrella

 outdoor Umbrella Wallmount Paraflex The Paraflex 2.7m hexagonal Aluminium Umbrella's robust and patented system removes the need for a heavy base and a central pole on an umbrella. Attached to the wall the umbrella's rotating arms and tilting canopy allow you to create the shade where you want, independent of the sun’s position. Available in 10 Premium colours (from R6499-00)

Paraflex Centre Pole Umbrella 

Outdoor Umbrella Centre Pole Roma with Concrete base


The Outdoor Umbrella Paraflex Center Pole 270cm comes with a centre pole and offers all the advantages of having a Paraflex product, including a broad range of colour options and it's reputable high quality aluminium frame. Paraflex ensures the products are convenient and user-friendly by providing a spare parts program so your umbrella will provide you shade for years to come. (from R2950-00)

Paraflex Polemount Umbrella

Outdoor Umbrella Paraflex Polemount Umbrella

Multipole 2 umbrellas

The Pole Mount Paraflex® Umbrella allows you to attach up to four holder arms plus a fixed pole top holder, or any combination  thereof, making this the most flexible umbrella system on the market.

The centerpiece of this unique design is the rotating umbrella holder, which works similarly to a human arm, allowing the umbrella to be tilted and rotated in an almost infinite range of positions. The Perfect Umbrella for distinctive homes, resorts and restaurants. (from R9999-00)

Outdoor Shade Sail Ingenua

 Outdoor Ingenua Shade Sail

 Outdoor Shade Sail

 The Ingenua Shade sail solves many of the drawbacks with other shadesail brands: 
  • Parasol quality canvas offering water resistance, mould and fade resistance 
  • UV protection of 97% + 
  • Grooved poles, allowing fixings to slide up and down, creating interesting and versatile shade sail shapes and easing installation 
  • Angled AND vertical poles and fixings for a dramatic and contemporary design 
  • Matching anodised aluminium, top quality poles and fixings supplied 

(from R4999-00/sail ,R3200/pole+fitting) 

Rimbou Shade Leaf

 Outdoor Personal Shade Rimbou  Enjoy the shade… Proud winner of Award for “Best new exterior design” at Meuble Paris 08. Not just your conventional garden Umbrella!
The ingenious foot lever design allows shade to follow the sun with minimal user effort (from R9939-00)


 Spectra Roma

The Spectra boasts a unique geometrical character and is very ergonomic in use. It offers a flat shade, three tilt levels, and 360 degree rotation It is the ideal partner for contemporary furniture designs.       (from R18925-00)



The Eclipse umbrella side post design sets a whole new standard in the world of contemporary parasol design. Offering a flat round shade canopy presented at an angle, it consists of a large, sophisticated ring which holds the shade and functions like a work of art while providing shade over a large seating area or multiple chaises.            (from R28899-00)

Rattan Lounger  

Rattan Lounger

Rattan lounger  The stylish Rattan Lounger, available in brown or white! This quality comfortable rattan lounger has a 5 year guarantee against fading.      (from R3750-00)


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